5 Things a Good Trucking Company Offers Every Driver

Are you looking for a job… or a truck driving career?

Everybody in our industry knows the challenges of a truck driving career. With driver turnover rates rising to 92% last year, a huge percentage of CDL drivers are bouncing from one carrier to the nextIn turn, carriers make more and more promises as they struggle in a competitive marketplace with a universal driver shortage. Maybe that’s why the turnover rate is so high in the first place. 

Are carriers looking to fill a seat today — or fill out their team for the long haul?

1. It’s all about money
(and nothing about money)

We’re seeing pay increases throughout the industry as trucking firms find unique ways to improve pay for truck drivers. Promises of higher pay-per-mile, incentives and bonuses are great at getting drivers behind the wheel. But it hasn’t been enough to keep them there. Those looking for a better truck driving career want something more... 

2. Teamwork + Family Culture

Many drivers prefer the solitude of the open road. But that doesn’t mean they want to feel entirely alone. A dispatcher and office support team can make a driver’s job easier, or a complete mess, depending on whether they’re truly looking out for the person, or just moving a number aroundLook for a team that puts the driver first by asking for your feedback — and then working directly with you to resolve issues. 

3. Great Benefits

Whether health insurance coverage is important to you or not, it’s incredibly telling when you’re trying to figure out what a trucking company values most. If a company offers good health insurance — and offers to foot some of those costs — it lets you know that they want you for more than a few months or even a year. Looking for loyalty? Look for a company with generous health insurance coverage even as the price of premiums skyrocket. They want their best, healthiest employees to stick around.

4. They Value YOUR Time

It’s easy to spot a driver-first company. Check out its leadership team. Is it led by a former CDL truck driver? A guy with a behind-the-wheel truck driving career knows what’s important to drivers.  

A driver-first company makes decisions that make sense to drivers. And they try to offer perks to help you enjoy life when you’re not working. For example, it will often offer more flexibility with its rigs. Imagine how much time you can save if you’re allowed to take the truck home instead of driving to and from the terminal.

5. Favorable Hauls

Oksomebody has to make certain hauls. But the company should be actively working with drivers to find the best matches. For example, those with a truck driving career moving LTL loads may grow frustrated if a new company offers mostly long-haul FTL loads. A reputable company works with drivers to find favorable hauls and routes when possible — because they know how their loyalty can lead to greater loyalty from you.

Choose what’s most important for you.

Ultimately, you know what’s best for your unique needs. If you want the absolute highest pay — and can live with a few more hassles and some uncertainty — you have an abundance of choices right now. The market is great for drivers who want to change jobs often 

But if you’re looking for good pay + more benefits + fewer hassles + more freedom + a place that will look out for you even when the market turns, there are fewer options for you. But don’t worry. They’re out there. And they’re waiting for a driver exactly like you.  

In the meantime, they’ll keep doing what they can to keep the drivers they currently have while waiting for you to join the team.  


You’re in the driver’s seat of where you work — and who you work for. Now is a great time to advance your career as a truck driver. Choose a company that can consistently offer quality work for quality pay — both today and tomorrow.


Rodney Holland, President, AMX

Rodney has seen it all. And at AMX, he’s done it all, from operations to recruitment to accounting and more. Through it all, he’s remained committed to meeting the needs of every client and driver. As the traffic director for AMX, he manages traffic to keep loads and drivers on time and on budget.