AMX Academy Wants You

AMX Academy Simplifies Truck Driver Training and Offers Permanent Placement in Alabama.

The Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver Through AMX Academy Are Excellent

Becoming a full-time truck driver has never been easier, and it comes with several key benefits, including:

Working where you can literally “let your career take you places!”

Signing on with a winning team of 250+ tractors, 600+ trailers and world-class tech

Learn from instructors with real-world experience, teaching real-world techniques

Taught by industry experts that understand and know what’s needed to survive in the industry

If you're looking for a CDL in Alabama, AMX Academy could be for you!

Why AMX Academy Is Different?

Truck driving training can be challenging, not because there is a lack of options but because finding a training program that truly focuses on the driver’s needs and goals and that offers instruction and training above and beyond cookie-cutter programs can be problematic.

With AMX Academy, you get:

Be prepared for an exciting and profitable career as a truck driver by enrolling in AMX Academy for the current session.

See how easy it can be to complete truck driving training and become certified as a full-time truck driver with one of the leading transportation service companies in the country.

Why Choose AMX Academy for ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training)?

Training for Entry Level Driver Training with AMX Academy is an easy choice thanks to a range of services available to all students.

What to Expect

With AMX Academy, you get a permit and Class A CDL, real-world instruction with an employee and on a trainer’s truck, completed in 5-7 weeks.

The training and instruction is taught by actual drivers that understand the nuances of driving, not just what the test wants you to know, and eliminating that ACT-class prep feel too!

Start driving solo in your own trainer’s truck, earning money, and providing for your family or other goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Get quality training without the headache of administration costs of other institutions.

Approximately $200 for the permit and drug screen

Test cost of approximately $86-$200

AMX Academy costs $2500

AMX Academy Is More Affordable Than Community College or Driving School

The total cost for training with AMX Academy ends up being approximately $300-$475, but that’s still less than a community college program ($2800-$3500) and significantly less than a private driving school, which starts at $2500 and can go way higher.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for AMX Academy?

The ideal candidate with AMX Academy will possess the following characteristics:

What Are the Minimum Qualifications for Enrollment?

Those interested in joining AMX Academy must:

Please note that this isn’t a traditional application and is limited to Alabama residents. For any questions or concerns, please call contact Tom Rankin by phone at 888-873-3448 or email at

Here’s Our Process

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Complete the online application, which we use to complete the background check and evaluate your candidacy for the program.


If approved, you'll visit AMX Academy to meet our team and get started.

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