Is a truck driving career with AMX right for you? We’re looking for honest, hard-working truck drivers in Alabama and beyond who want to join a team committed to building the best fleet in the industry moving forward.

  • Professional. You know your job. You know how to get it done on time, every time, while presenting yourself well to customers.
  • Trustworthy. AMX gives you its word that it has your back. And we expect the same level of trust from our drivers. Stand by your words with conviction — and action.
  • Safe. You’ve completed all licensing and safety requirements. And you’re attentive and responsible on the road because you know the value of freight that arrives safely and securely.
  • Communicator. It’s a two-way street. AMX will work with you to share important information and meet your needs. And we expect the same from you — whether working with the home office or the most remote customer.
  • Team player. You realize the strength of numbers — and unity. AMX wants you to feel welcome, respected and trusted as a valued member of the team.
  • Loyal. Stick around, kick the tires a bit. AMX believes that rewarding its smartest, best drivers pays off for everybody.
  • Customer-focused. You know how important customer relationships are. Deliver on our promise to meet every deadline, every customer need, every time.

“I knew instantly what AMX stood for as a company. And I knew they demanded the same level of trust, hard work and commitment to safety from me.”

– AMX Truck Driver