Our Mission and Vision

Logistics Today Takes a Special Approach

We here at AMX Logistics are up for the challenge to overcome your logistical challenges and will help you achieve your shipping and supply chain needs.

Unlike other companies that are out for profits alone, we take a different approach to logistics management. We operate with loyalty to our existing customers and demonstrate unmatched integrity in our business and processes so that we can partner with new customers.

Our mission is to transport your business so you can transform your business to overcome the challenges of today’s marketplace and build customer loyalty now and in the future.

Partnering With AMX Logistics Provides Fast and Reliable Access to Proven Solutions

Based on actionable insights and years of experience, we can help you conquer distribution chain challenges and disruptions with our innovative solutions:

Join AMX For The Win

Let AMX Logistics handle all of the most challenging shipping needs, everything from daily deliveries,  rush orders, one-time shipments, specialized deliveries, drop-trailer service, and more.

With AMX Logistics, you have more time to focus on vital customer interactions and core business capabilities.

The AMX Logistics Difference

Driven by honesty, hard work, and a commitment to family values, the AMX team proudly continues to search for new ideas and pursue new opportunities within the industry. 

Our commitment to integrity, loyalty, and excellence has remained unchanged for over 30 years. We are proud to be one of the most successful Alabama trucking companies and invite you to come and see the AMX difference for yourself. 

AMX Is The Best Fit

Logistics experts move freight of every size and dimension by making the most of the affordable and efficient tools and services available. 

With AMX Logistics, you can ensure your customers get their goods delivered on time, to the right location, and in good condition.  Let our vision and commitment work for you!