You have the truck — and the experience. Now, you’re looking for the right trucking company in Alabama to help you be more profitable. With more than 30 years in the trucking industry, AMX has proven it knows how to help owner-operators realize their dreams with a wide range of benefits.

  • Competitive pay. Set your own rates. AMX understands trucking, so we work closely with every owner-operator to find mutually beneficial contracts offering competitive rates per mile.
  • Flexibility. You’re the boss. Pick your freight rates and choose your shipments. Over the road? Regional? Dedicated? The choices are yours. You can even opt for direct deposit for faster, easier payment.
  • Home/work balance. You can have it all. Drive when you want, rest when it works best for the family. Take time off. Stay on the road for extended long hauls. You’re in charge.
  • Support. Take advantage of tools designed specifically for today’s modern truck driver. Consult with seasoned, experienced trucking experts. Access multiple insurance programs for yourself and your truck. Receive comprehensive orientation before your first run.


We’re looking for smart, honest, hard-working drivers ready to begin their next journey with an established, experienced company offering a modern, future-driven take on the road ahead.


Family owned and operated in Ashford, Alabama, with hundreds of tractors and trailers in its fleet, AMX gives local drivers of all kinds everything they need to make their professional journey successful.