Seeing Double — AMX Atlanta and AMX Savannah Grow Quickly

The AMX Atlanta team has a unique problem. So does the AMX Savannah team. Both sites have doubled in size in the past year — and that means trying to remember the names of twice as many customers and coworkers.

Because knowing each other’s names is more than a motto or empty promise — it’s the way AMX does business.

“Obviously, we battled uncertainty and unforeseen challenges over the past couple of years,” said Jake Heater, AMX Atlanta Branch Manager. “So it was critical that we doubled down on what we do best as a company. We made a collaborative, concerted effort to look out for each other and our customers.”

Even though masks sometimes covered the smiles behind them, the team was able to bond with each other as well as customers while planning, organizing and delivering freight quickly and efficiently. As a result, AMX Atlanta and AMX Savannah are thriving as the nation continues to move forward.

Heating up in Atlanta

Consumers have changed their purchasing patterns. Online spending grew an incredible 32.4% last year — and it doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon. Atlanta was already a hot freight market and national transportation hub with many large corporations, including Coca Cola, Home Depot, UPS and others. It continues to grow, with many large corporations headquartered out of state setting up logistics and supply chain teams in the area to better manage the mass amount of freight.

AMX introduced a new Atlanta-area freight terminal to team with our AMX Atlanta logistics office earlier this year.

“We’re always trying to get closer to our customers,” said Jared Moore, AMX Vice President of Traffic and Logistics. “With the new terminal complementing our established 3PL services in the area, we can offer faster, more accessible support. We can differentiate ourselves with a true multi-modal strategy that frees up capacity, more options and greater consistency.”

Expanding in Savannah

The Port of Savannah annual growth rate surpassed 20% in the past year — impressive for a port that was already handling 10% of all U.S. cargo volume in 2020. As a result, it’s no surprise that the federal government invested more than $400M to increase the size of the port in the past few years. With its ideal location — shipments from Savannah can reach 80% of U.S. customers within two days — AMX has been able to expand its AMX Savannah 3PL services.

“The growth of our Savannah extends beyond the port,” said Heater. “It’s a smaller city that offers a bit of everything, including a bustling energy and vibe that’s attractive to recent graduates and young professionals who want to tap in early to something new and exciting.”

More than 100,000 new residents have moved to the Savannah metropolitan area in the past decade, making it one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S.

AMX Savannah opened in 2016 with minimal fanfare. The small office has since steadily grown into a significant player in the burgeoning logistics market. “We’ve doubled in growth nearly every year, including last year,” said Heater.

Finding the best talent

“We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit,” said Heater. “It’s why AMX offers an incredibly aggressive commission structure. Young logisticians can perform at the top end of the industry if they put in the work.”

The hard-charging group of professionals in the AMX Atlanta and AMX Savannah offices have changed the potential landscape of what AMX can become. As a result, both offices are facing moves into larger offices to accommodate the growth.

Yet another AMX office is hot on their trail. AMX Greensboro has also doubled in size (and capacity) since it opened in 2020.

Heater cites Hannah Carrington, AMX Director of Talent Acquisition, for her ability to attract emerging talent throughout the region. “She’s been critical in building the AMX brand,” said Heater. “More people know us now. And they seem to appreciate who we are.”

The next step for Heater and the rest of the AMX team — learning the names of every one of those people.

Jeff DeVonde, VP of Sales, AMX


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