Giving Thanks to Our Supply Chain Champions

Every trucking and logistics company should be thankful.

In the past couple of years, we’ve battled through a pandemic, capacity crunches, truck driver shortages and a lot more. As truckers and truck driver advocates, we’re a resilient bunch. We’ve overcome many hardships and challenges over the years. And if we learned anything by them, we know our industry has the people and infrastructure to beat any challenges we’re facing right now. That’s why I think it’s the perfect time give thanks to the crews and support teams at the heart of the trucking and logistics industry.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to recognize those who help make the food on our tables, the clothes on our backs and the tv remotes in our hands while watching football after a hearty meal possible:


I’ll never stop praising CDL truck drivers. I’ve worked alongside too many of them over the past 30+ years to ever take them for granted. I’ve seen them behind the wheel by the break of dawn, often working until the rest of the world is asleep covered in darkness. I’ve seen them on the road, day after day and week after week, sacrificing for their families. I’ve seen them battle heat, ice, sleet, snow and scores of lousy motorists. From one generation to the next, our truck drivers answer the bell every single day.

I’ll be fortunate to have a turkey leg on my plate on Thursday. But not all of nation’s truck drivers will. There will be thousands of CDL truck drivers on our roads that day delivering the goods. Just like they always have, and always will.


The term “supply chain” has never been used more than in the past few months. We see it on the news. We hear it in conversation. And right now, it’s being used almost exclusively in a negative way. And that’s a shame.

For far too long, we’ve taken our supply chains — and the drivers and logisticians working tirelessly to keep goods moving — for granted.

For almost every truck driver you see on the road, there’s a team of logisticians and support crews supporting them behind the scenes. They’re responsible for working with drivers, planning schedules, making in-transport adjustments, setting prices, forecasting and more. As long as there are drivers on the roads, logisticians are working, too.

So the next time we hear complaints about the supply chain, imagine what it would be like without the smart, hard-working folks planning, strategizing and managing the fine details around the clock to transport goods as quickly and safely as possible. Because some of the same people taking the brunt of the heat for the supply chain now are the ones who kept it humming for months, years and even decades previously. And they’re the same ones keeping it from being a standstill right now. Thank you, logisticians.

Shipping and receiving crews

The country is experiencing labor shortages in almost every industry. Many of our partners are struggling to find enough resources to load and unload trucks — and that can compromise delivery times quickly.

Fortunately, there are a lot of amazing crews who continue to show up every day, ready to work with our drivers and teams to expedite turnarounds, so our drivers can get back on the road for their next deliveries. We especially appreciate the crews who try to minimize detention times to make things easier for our drivers.


As a trucking and logistics company, we have priorities and responsibilities. Likewise, our customers have their own set of priorities. I’m thankful for the customers who realize that we’re all striving to move freight as quickly as possible together. The shippers who understand that our drivers are constantly fighting against the clock. And the shippers who understand that we’re doing everything within our power to meet their demands.

Every customer is crucially important for AMX. We’re here for you. Thanks for being there for us.


Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family. But many in our industry will be working on the big day. And some may not have a traditional family waiting for them at home. Fortunately, I work at AMX — a company I returned to because I missed my “other family.”

From the executive team to those in the office to those behind the wheel, the AMX family is built on decades of hard work and respect. It’s more than just knowing each other’s names. And it’s more than saying we’re a family. It’s about the everyday actions, from accommodating driver requests, checking in on absentee employees or simply asking questions to learn more about each other — I’m thankful for my AMX family.

Jeff DeVonde, VP of Sales, AMX


You’re in the driver’s seat of where you work — and who you work for. Now is a great time to advance your career as a truck driver. Choose a company that can consistently offer quality work for quality pay — both today and tomorrow.